1. Registration

All business owners shall register with Reverse Urban Ecosystems (RUEPL) to perform operations like create business, invest and view status. Below figure shows how to register with RUEPL.


ruepl registration

  1. As shown in figure click on “New Registration” and follow steps.
  2. Fill  all mandatory fields and submit.
  3. Registration is in pending state till RUEPL approves your registration. Once RUEPL approves your candidature, you will receive your credentials through registered email.

registration formUsers shall sign in to RUEPL for further operations. Else above message will be displayed. Click on “Click here to login” to sign in.

2. Create Business

Once registration is approved, owners can register their business as shown in figure. please follow instructions as shown.

  1. Title – Name of your Business
  2. Describe your business
  3. Add short description that appears on project list grid
  4. Start Date – Business Operations commence from this date
  5. End Date – End date for accepting investments
  6. Minimum Amount – A investor can start with. Lowest offer accepted by business owner
  7. Maximum Amount – Accepted from each investor
  8. Recommended amount – What is average, reasonable investment from each investor
  9. Fund Goal – Total amount required for business
  10. End Method – Fulfillment of fund, also select if Enforcers can be listed on your business page.
  11. Reward Option – How Enforcers get paid after business is accomplished
  12. What date the reward is expected

3. Invest

Hover on “Start Business” and click on “Start Investing”. Follow instructions as show in below figures.

  1. Click on “Back Campaign” to start checkout.
  2. Proceed to Checkout
  3. Place Order.

1. After successful transaction, business is accepted and pending for review. If business coach approves business, then your business is listed on RUEPL main page. All transactions are informed through email.

4. Sign out