An entrepreneur/team who has a business idea and is passionate to build his business with hard work and a team of business shapers/sharers. He/team will receive a capital investment of Rs 1 lakh upto 5 lakhs for his business from RUEPL without collateral and interest to be paid on the investment. He owns 50% of stake in his business and works hard to achieve breakeven as early as possible. From day 1 he is obliged to repay the investment to RUEPL on a weekly basis according to %s calculated and as per the expected breakeven period decided by the pool of experts along with Business owner.

Once the breakeven is achieved the profits are being shared with all the stakeholders namely Business enforcer, RUEPL, Business owner, Business coaches, Business sharers and Business insurers in the whole ECOSYSTEM for a period of 1 to 2 years as agreed. After that period the business owner has the eligibility to buy the 50% ownership from the RUEPL and can leave the ecosystem or re-invest in the ecosystem.