An Individual investor, group or an institution, or Government who invests in RUEPL to build businesses. The investment can be as low as Rs 10,000 to a maximum of Rs 1 Crore. BEs has a choice to invest in the sector which they chose and also even entrepreneur or business listed in RUEPL Portal. BEs should be willing to wait for the returns till the business gets breakeven and will be eligible for the profit sharing of a particular invested business for a period of 2 years. After the 2years period of profits the BE can reinvest into another business or can withdraw his remaining investment in RUEPL. BEs can invest in more than one business at any time period.<p><br>

Royal Enforcers

Individual or institutions who invest a onetime investment of Rs 25 lakhs and above and are entitled for a stake in the company. They will be provided the shares in the company accordingly as per the valuation of the company and also eligible to be on the board if interested. They can realise/sell their shares after a lock in period decided by the Board of Directors of RUEPL.