Education begins for a child at home. RUEPL will introduce new methods of education to all members of the family to build an ecosystem within the family so that the children were supported to learn the best possible direction and outlook to choose in their lives as they grow and take decisions. RUEPL will strive to bring phenomenal changes in teaching methods and work with businesses which support this innovation in Education sector. RUEPL networks with all the educational institutions and encourage change so that a child is transformed and built with required knowledge.


Urbanisation brought farming and Agriculture to a losing business. The young generation in rural areas are looking for jobs in Urban areas leaving their actual potential of building food security to the countries. Small-scale farming has struggled for millennia. Farmers and their families have little access to training or capital, and outside investment in this sector has been discouraged by a lack of clear-cut business models and myths about small-landholder farming. ReverseUrban Ecosystems, through its business model, training and use of technology, is out to shatter at least two of those misconceptions.


RUEPL makes access to healthcare easier and cheaper to the families through supporting online businesses involving digitalisation in building healthy families. A healthy family grows not only economically but also be part of building wealth for the nation. RUEPL believes in access to best medical treatment is a fundamental right to the families in any nation. RUEPL builds an ecosystem and works with the businesses which create a support system in a community for the health. RUEPL aims at building the bridge between the Rich corporate hospitals and doctors and the poor families on the ground.


RUEPL engages with different national and international institutions to train & coach the young entrepreneurs(game changers) who in turn create employment to the unemployed and the vulnerable. We also partner with local NGOs, SHGs and CBOs to reach out the communities and create opportunities to those who are trapped in the cycle of debt and vulnerability.

Water & Sanitation

Water is life and is scarce. RUEPL aims to build businesses to serve the gap in this sector.RUEPL advocates that drinking water is a basic human right and it should not be sold for a price. RUEPL brings change in this area and work towards technology and innovation to make pure drinking available for free in collaboration and coordination with International Organisations and Governments.

Humanitarian Aid

World Humanitarian summit has introduced a concept called Grand Bargain. The Grand Bargain is an agreement between more than 30 of the biggest donors and aid providers, which aims to get more means into the hands of people in need.RUEPL engages with different Aid stakeholders like Donors and UN agencies by utilizing the humanitarian aid in a long-term sustainable benefit to the people of concern.

RUEPL believes in Rural Development at par with Urban through Digital and Online Transactions & IOT platform.