What is RUEPL

RevesreUrban Ecosystems Private Limited (RUEPL) is a Private limited company run by the Board of Directors which envisions to build ecosystem of business which support themselves over the period and achieve social good and bring wealth into individuals and communities to overcome the trap of continuous debt and exploitation who are basically excluded from the formal financial system and banking opportunities. RUEPL aims at building an ecosystem for research and development of business models to bridge the gap between developed and underdeveloped, profit makers and nonprofit makers, donors and beneficiaries, business enforcers and business owners/shapers/sharers through intellect, innovation and technology using IOT platform.

Who we are

We are a group of Individual professionals between the ages 35 to 45 years and worked in our own sectors for the past 20 years both in national and International companies and achieved a large amount of experience and oversight on issues violating the basic human needs. We are a team of highly educated and passionate individuals who graduated from eminent institutions like IITs in India. We all share a passion to influence social good into the society through our individual projects or business ideas to attack evils of present and future. We all are willing to share our resources, time and energy to build the envisioned ecosystem which eventually enhancing the human development without reversing the natural ecosystem.

What we offer

RUEPL offer investments to the business owners without collateral and don’t charge any interest during the investment period and without any prequalified motives but only believe in ability of entrepreneur to bring change in his community. RUEPL partner with business owners in their business and incubate them and help them grow so that they achieve the best possible growth with available resources

What makes us unique

It’s not a loan neither a donation, it’s an investment in the lives and businesses of potential entrepreneurs (game changers) who not only build their lives & families but also help their communities to build sustainable families. We encourage life in its fullest with less financial burden and more positive outlook.

We Coach

RUEPL train the entrepreneurs and coach them all through their incubation and take off period to minimize the risk and do business analytics for their sustained growth of the business.

We assure Quality

RUEPL will build an ecosystem of businesses which support each other in their business models to achieve exponential growth without much loss. RUEPL assures quality in products and services offered by businesses supported by RUEPL.

We create an ecosystem

The main objective is to create the natural ecosystem of businesses which are environmental friendly and reducing the detrimental effect on the nature due to the over usage of resources in an unnatural and exploitable ways.

We network with Institutions

RUEPL networks with various institutions both nationally and internationally to bring in scientific methods to improve the quality of products and services rendered or distributed through our businesses. We also partner with local NGOs, SHGs and CBOs to reach out the communities who are trapped in the cycle of debt and vulnerability.

Broadcast Services

RUEPL publishes over air (TV, Radio) new opportunities in Health, Education, Farming, Water & Sanitation, Humanitarian aid and Disaster management. RUEPL believes in strong advocacy of human rights into the peoples minds through powerful tools like media. It enhances the informed decision making power of Individuals and families.

Our areas of Work

RUEPL works with the businesses in the following five core areas. i) Health, ii) Education, iii) Farming iv) Water & Sanitation and v) Humanitarian aid and Disaster management. RUEPL looks for social innovation and technology through IOT platform for transparency and visibility.